20 Best FIFA World Cup Goals Ever

While there's no new goals, enjoy some of the all-time greats.

Sean Dempsey/PA Archive/Press Association Images

With football leagues around the world getting delayed or outright cancelled, fans are having to deal with a summer of isolating indoors without even the comfort of a major international tournament to while away the time.

In the absence of the likes of Euro 2020 or the Tokyo Olympics (both pushed back to next year) football fans can instead look back nostalgically to past classic moments on the big stages.

And there's no stage bigger than the World Cup.

Scoring a wonder goal at the World Cup means that a player will be remembered forever. The history of great World Cup goals includes the career pinnacles for some of the legends of the game and incredible efforts from lesser-known players who nevertheless etched their names into the record books with a single moment of magic.

Whether it's the winning goal in the final or just the one memorable moment of the superfluous third-place playoff, every part of the World Cup has played host to iconic strikes. From long range screamers and mazy solo runs to team efforts where every player works together to bring about a triumphant finish, these are the twenty greatest goals ever scored at the World Cup.


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