20 Most Disgustingly Over-Paid Football Players

Over-paid and under-delivering.

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Modern football is rubbish. Or at least that's how the nostalgics and retro-loving "proper" fans would have everyone would believe: it's poisoned by money, run by corrupt officials and spoiled by prima-donnas and cheat. At times it's hard to argue with that. It becomes especially difficult to understand the monster that the Beautiful Game has become when players who are on more than most people make in a year every couple of days and still cannot deliver on the pitch. They'll whinge at their poor treatment while driving away in super cars to their mansions, and there's a suspicion that they're all horribly out of touch with reality. But id it their fault? Or have the clubs contributed to their own downfall by giving silly amounts to players who simply are not worth it? Some players on astronomical wages are entirely worth it: Cesc Fabregas has already chipped in with 11 assists for his £200k a week, and Sergio Aguero is seriously good value even at £225k a week. But what about the overpaid ones?

20. Zlatan Ibrahimovic - PSG

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Rating: £416,000

The exact details of the Swede's current deal at PSG are up for debate, but it would seem he's on something like £15-20m a year. That's an utterly jaw-dropping amount, and while he's a great talent, it's an obscene amount to pay anyone for anything.

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