20 Worst Squads In FIFA World Cup History

Everyone from El Salvador to Zaire - these are the real World Cup rogues gallery...

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The FIFA World Cup has been a spectacle in the world of sport for almost 100 years now. Founded in 1930, this coveted event has grown in reputation and awe with every passing tournament, now making it one of the most prestigious trophies in all of world sport.

In its history, the World Cup has been defined by iconic players, incredible matches and most relevantly for this article, world class squads. Immortal squads such as 1970 Brazil, 1998 France and 2014 Germany have all proved their worth as era defining football teams.

However, not every team that enters the World Cup finals is destined for stardom and everlasting global fame. Some are condemned to infamy, and remembered for all the wrong reasons. Where some teams prove to be defiant, cohesive units, others become proverbial whipping boys and make people wonder how they even managed to qualify in the first place.

In this article, we have analysed the statistics of every World Cup to give you a definitive list of the 20 worst squads to ever appear in the FIFA World Cup.

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