3 Intriguing MMA Fights For Jack Swagger (And 3 We Need To See Before He Retires)

6. Down The Road: Bobby Lashley

Bellator MMA

Bobby Lashley is currently signed with WWE. In fact, he's the promotion's reigning Intercontinental Champion. However, Lashley also remains under contract with Bellator MMA.

If and when the IC champ decides to return to the Bellator cage, a match against Hager would be a no-brainer. A contest between the 2 would generate plenty of interest from pro wrestling fans and casual MMA viewers alike which would translate into very solid ratings for Bellator.

Moreover, the matchup itself is also very intriguing. Both men have extensive amateur wrestling backgrounds, which they rely on heavily in the cage. It's quite possible that their wrestling skills would cancel each other out — so fans would get to see what other weapons these men have in their arsenals.

With 17 professional fights under his belt, Lashley has the experience advantage. That being said, Hager (who turns 37 in March) is significantly younger than his 42-year-old potential opponent.

Both men are heavyweights, they are both signed with Bellator, and their respective pro wrestling backgrounds make this an easy fight to promote.

The two fighters are on good terms with one and other, but there's been nothing from either side that suggests they'd be unwilling to go at it.

This is a fight Bellator fan's will likely see in the future.


From 1999-2003 Jacques performed on the Florida independent pro wrestling circuit. He also has an amateur wrestling background and currently holds a certification in Krav Maga. Jacques graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2003, with a bachelor's degree in Political Science. He currently resides in Chicago, Illinois. Follow him on twitter @goodeals79.