5 NBA Contenders That MUST Make A Trade Before The Deadline

Which of the NBA's contenders are destined to fall short without making a big change now?

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During any NBA regular season we as fans are treated to a roller coaster ride riddled with shock results, teams under or over performing, social media drama and a multitude of organic narratives. It is during the opening 82 games that we discover which of the teams touted for success just can't cut it and which teams need to assemble in their respective war rooms to reconsider their current course.

The half way stage brings with it the trade deadline. The final time teams can approach others in the hopes of swindling a rival and winning a lopsided deal which may propel them to their desired destination, or perhaps giving themselves the freedom of cap space moving into the summer months.

Here we take a look at which 5 teams with championship aspirations are in danger of falling short with a thud, and therefore need some roster reshuffling in order to stop the slide. Some may taken some cap gymnastics to accomplish, but if we have learn't anything from our time as NBA fans, we know that no deal, is impossible.

So, which teams need to make a move?

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