5 NBA Contenders That MUST Make A Trade Before The Deadline

5. Miami Heat


A pleasant surprise, the Heat find themselves in the upper echelon of the eastern conference. A ferocious home record and a hard working culture, it's time to strike while the iron is hot and ship some of their older salary cap eaters, and commit to a win now mode.

Bringing in Jimmy Butler this past offseason seemed a match made in heaven. Butler is a stickler for good old fashioned hard work and Erik Spoelstra is a coach who religiously upholds the philosophy where playing time is earned, not given.

Making the decision to finally rid themselves of troublesome big man Hassan Whiteside, the Heat have seen a resurgence from young emerging star Bam Adebayo. Bam is averaging a stellar stat line of 16 points per game, 10 rebounds and 4 assists, and has thrived in his new role.

At present the Heat stand in a rare position; they have a sufficient number of expiring contracts, most of which are large enough to package together in a deal to bring in a leader like Chris Paul. They also have a definitive identity going forward. Butler signed for a multi-year max contract and alongside Bam, breakout rookies such as Tyler Herro and Kendrick Nunn, and enough complimentary pieces already ingratiated into the culture, so now is the time to capitalise on their opportunity to please their superstar.

If the Heat can manufacture a deal for a CP3, whilst keeping hold of both rookies, they should. The eastern conference sees Milwaukee as their only definite pace setter, so who’s next? That’s there for the taking. Wait too long, and their expiring deals may see an unwanted turnover of players next season. Not to mention that other teams such as the Celtics, 76ers or Pacers may beat them to the punch. Strike now, and the Heat can add veteran leadership to their fearless young fire crackers, and we could see a new force in the weak Eastern Conference.

A potential deal?

OKC gets: Dragic, James Johnson, Elie Okobo

Phoenix gets: Chris Silva

Miami gets: CP3

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