5 Things You Didn’t Know About Gina Carano’s MMA Career

2. Carano Competed In The First-Ever Sanctioned MMA Bout In Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada, has long been the fight capital of the world. It has played host to many of the most significant events in combat sports history.

In 2019, virtually every major MMA card that takes place in Vegas features female combatants. Of course, that wasn't always the case. In fact, prior to June 10, 2006, a sanctioned female mixed martial arts bout had never been contested in 'Sin City.'

However, Gina Carano would forever change the MMA landscape by becoming (along with her opponent Leiticia Pestova) the first woman to fight in Las Vegas without having to worry about being arrested.

The Haywire star would end up pummeling Pestova and earned her first TKO victory in just thirty-eight seconds while making her pro MMA debut. She would go on to win her next six fights and become the 'face of women's MMA.'

On the other hand, Carano's history-making opponent, Leiticia Pestova, decided to call it quits after amassing a 0-2 professional record. Record aside, Pestova will forever be the answer to a fairly difficult MMA trivia question.

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