6 Reasons David Beckham's Olympic Snub Is A Disgrace

Do you agree? Should Beckham have been included in the Team GB squad?

It never seemed in doubt. David Beckham would lead out Team GB on Thursday, July 26th at Old Trafford for the start of his swan song in International football. But yesterday news broke that Beckham's "last dream" had been shattered as Stuart Pearce opted to select a former Manchester United team-mate, Ryan Giggs, ahead of him. We look at six reasons why Pearce's decision is a disgrace:

He Helped Bring The Olympics To Britain

Let's not forget the huge role Beckham played in bringing the Olympic games to this country. He was part of the official Olympic torch handover in Beijing four years ago, and to suggest now after all he has done that he won't be part of the Games themselves is a disservice to him and indeed the nation. He has worked tirelessly in his role as an Ambassador for the games, working alongside the BOA's precious "sponsors" to ensure they keep their millions of pounds rolling in. Beckham is a global brand and it's not stretch of the imagination to suggest that through his role as Ambassador he has helped bring thousands of foreign visitors to London for the games. Click "next" below to read the next entry...

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