7 Premier League Teams That Never Reached Their Full Potential

Slips, mind games and millions of pounds. These are the nearly-men of the Premier League.

Phil Noble/PA Archive

With the new season getting underway, fan optimism is still at its highest. While expectations might range from "winning the league" to "staying up", there are always teams who over- and underachieve. In the history of the Premier League, there have been notable cases of world beating lineups that never truly hit the heights they could have. Some teams had all the talent and none of the consistency, while others simply couldn't overcome bad luck.

All of the teams featured here achieved a degree of success. Some were very successful, especially when considering their trophy hauls. However, these teams all failed to live up to fans' expectations. There are those who succeeded domestically and failed on a European stage, others who came up short in the league, but struck gold in Europe, and teams who simply didn't win anything, despite the promise.

The reasons also vary as to why the teams never managed to live up to their potential. On one hand, you have a case of a provincial team who over-achieved by winning the Premier League. Then, you have teams backed by billionaires who poured every resource into winning continental trophies, but fell short of their ultimate goal. Whatever the circumstances may or might have been, these teams left fans with rose tinted memories of what could have been.

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