8 Football Teams Who Were Stripped Of Their League Titles

8. Elgin City - Highland League, 1992-93

In April 1993 a swashbuckling, attacking Elgin team needed just one point to secure the semi-professional Highland League title. That was when they decided to move a fixture with lowly Forres Mechanics from Saturday to Friday night.

Elgin ran out 6-0 winners and wrapped up the title. Everything was fine until league officials realised that, by switching their fixture to Friday, Elgin had been able to field players, including player-manager John Teasdale, who would have been suspended had the game happened in its originally scheduled timeslot.

Elgin were stripped of their title and, with runners up Cove Rangers not wanting to win by default, the Highland League went without a winner for the first time in over a hundred years. It is a decision which still rankles amongst those in the far north of Scotland.

Now competing in the full Scottish Football League, Elgin's players and officials still view losing the whole 1992-93 Highland League, which they had dominated throughout the year, as a punishment not commensurate with the crime of making small changes to one game. But, then, maybe that level of dominance means that they shouldn't have ever bothered trying to tamper with one easily winnable game in the first place.

As recently as 2018 Elgin appealed to the Scottish Football Association to have their 1993 players' medals restored, but they have not been successful.

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