8 Reasons Why Man City Will Be Pep Guardiola's Biggest Test

The biggest name in football management arrives this summer, but will it all be plain sailing?

In less than three months, the most sought-after manager in world football will finally be landing in England to take the reins at Manchester City, and manage in the Premier League. Pep Guardiola is coming to take on the challenge of England's top competition. Given all the tools he'll have at his disposal - pretty much unlimited money, a growing youth academy, and a team of already-established title winners €“ the former Barcelona boss seems to be walking into guaranteed success. This is the Premier League however, and the waters he'll find himself sailing in may well be the choppiest, and most difficult to navigate in his career to date. Come the summer time, Pep will be taking on an unprecedented challenge even for him, and he needs to steel himself for that fact. Inevitably, preparation will play a major role in how he ultimately does, and rising to the specific hurdles in his way will put him in good stead. Identifying those issues pre-emptively will be his first step,

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