8 Sports That Desperately Need A Rule Change

Sometimes, it's better to break tradition (and other times, it's a terrible idea!).

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Sport is perhaps the most globally beloved, timeless recreation of all time. The realm of sports is filled with various kinds of physical games, all ranging with different origins, equipment and history. It's one of the most inclusive types of entertainment because there is something for everyone, whether you enjoying participating or simply viewing it.

Many sports have been in play for centuries and naturally have evolved over time, with new rules and regulations being put in place in order to improve the gameplay. A new rule could be put into order for various reasons, whether it's to improve the safety of the contestants, prevent the players from cheating and maybe even to try to produce a more thrilling game.

But introducing new guidelines doesn't always succeed and can often come under major criticism, especially from those who feel passionately about the sport. Furthermore, there are some mandates within games which have become outdated and yet, they are still kept in play.

The following rules are some of the worst offenders for affecting the enjoyment of the game in question, some of which were so bad, they had a negative impact on the careers of famous sports legends.

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