8 Times Animals Invaded Formula 1

Here are some memorable motorsport creature comforts from down the years.

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Most Formula One tracks are located near large urban centres such as Shanghai, São Paulo or Abu Dhabi - about as far away from the wilderness as you can get. Nevertheless, every now and then nature finds its way onto a Formula One track and throws up an unexpected treat for anybody watching.

Most recently we saw a dog make a break for it during the soaking wet third practice session for the Turkish Grand Prix, prompting light-hearted reactions from the official Formula One Twitter account and a number of the teams as well. Animals on track are almost always entertaining. Even the dullest practice session will be livened up by a groundhog scurrying across the course, or a bird narrowly escaping the front wing of an F1 car hurtling down the road at over 150 miles per hour. And it has happened more often that you might think.

A whole host of creatures great and small have graced Grand Prix circuits across the world with their presence. Most of the time it proves harmless and the butt of a joke as time goes on, but other times it proves far more serious. Here are 8 of the wild misadventures that have seen animals become the star of a racing weekend at several Grand Prix down the years.

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