Every FIFA World Cup Winner Ranked From Worst To Best

Who are the Champions of Champions?


Few things can cause a crowd of people to simultaneously and with reckless abandon, launch overpriced, lukewarm beers into the air with no consideration of the consequence. A World Cup goal is one of those rare occasions that can cause such a response. That and a cattle prod in a Wetherspoons.

However, at a time when club football is becoming an all-consuming juggernaut of broadcast deals, record transfer fees and elite squads, the international game increasingly feels like it is stepping on its toes. An unwanted accoutrement that survives on past glories alone.

And whilst there are too many dull, lifeless friendlies and qualifying seems like an endless slog wherein Denmark play Ireland fifteen times with each encounter duller than the last, the World Cup remains a rarity in modern football. It is a tournament with so much prestige, history and meaning that merely taking part is still regarded by many as the pinnacle of a footballing career.

Winning the World Cup remains the greatest achievement in football, despite what people may say about the fourth Champions League spot. The list of World Cup winners is truly a pantheon of footballing greats.

But who are the best/worst of the best?

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