Every Premier League Winning Team Ranked From Worst To Best

Treble Winners. Invincibles. Centurions. Who wins?

ADAM BUTLER/PA Archive/Press Association Images

So this going to be interesting. Since 1992, 49 different clubs have competed in the Premier League but only six have claimed the title. Manchester United have been the most dominant club in the competitions' history but were any of their 13 winning sides the best the league has ever seen? Or how about one of the successful Arsenal, Chelsea or Manchester City teams? Or even Blackburn Rover or Leicester?

In order to decide we've ranked them based on a number of factors: The stats, total points, goals scored/conceded, number of wins/losses. The quality of the squad, who had the best collection of players in all positions. The quality of the opposition they faced, who was actually challenged or who just ran away with the trophy with no competition. How remarkable was their season, did they achieve something unprecedented and unexpected, how big a fairy-tale was it? And finally we'll factor in their performance in other competitions both domestically and in Europe but our main focus is what happened in the Premier League.

And of course we are only looking at the 27 sides that have officially won the league so sorry Liverpool fans, but you 2019/20 won't be included today. And before anyone accuses me of bias, I support Crystal Palace. League titles are the stuff of legend to me.

Right let's begin...


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