Fantasy Premier League 19/20: 10 Season-Defining Moments

A look back over the key moments of a Fantasy Premier League season unlike any other.

Premier League

Fantasy Football is growing in popularity year-on-year, and the art of picking eleven players to do your bidding each week can bring great excitement to even the dullest 0-0 fixture.

Fantasy Premier League has become a truly global phenomenon too, with more than seven million teams being entered last season from all over the world.

There was - prior to lockdown of course - little sweeter than rocking up to the office on a Monday morning and debating the highs and lows of the weekend's fantasy football exploits with your colleagues.

The 2019/20 Fantasy Football season had been a rollercoaster ride with more troughs than peaks for many even before 20 March rolled around.

What had already been a topsy-turvy season suddenly ground to a halt as the pandemic saw daily life change dramatically, and we all became more isolated than Romelu Lukaku playing up front for Manchester United.

But either side of all this madness, there was a weird and wonderful season of our beloved Fantasy Football to bring us joy and despair.

From key players and crazy results to shock injuries and cruel luck, these are the 10 season-defining moments of the Fantasy Premier League 2019/20.


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