Formula One 2014 Driver Line-ups - What We Know So Far

Toro Rosso Current Drivers: Daniel Ricciardo / Jean-‰ric Vergne Confirmed Drivers: No officially confirmed drivers. Toro Rosso will be without Daniel Ricciardo next season, as he is following in the footsteps of Sebastian Vettel in moving to Red Bull. While the team have made no official announcement about retaining Jean-Eric Vergne, the general belief is that he will stay. That leaves an open seat. Toro Rosso is essentially a junior team to Red Bull, blooding young drivers in the hope of promoting them to the senior team when they are ready. In that case it seems likely that the seat will go to a driver from Red Bull€™s young driver program. The most talked about drivers are Daniil Kvyat, Carlos Sainz and Felix da Costa. Both Kvyat and Sainz are unlikely to get the Toro Rosso drive with da Costa being the clear favourite.

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