Liverpool Transfers: 10 Players They Should Sign

Who the transfer committee should be considering immediately.

Nick Potts/PA Wire

The season is over, and the transfer season is about to start. 'Tis the time for countless unsubstatiated rumours and grinding sagas concerning which player is moving to which club, or which player wants a better deal from their current employers. And it's also the time for fans to watch Sky Sports nervously, hoping that their team will reinforce well and worrying that they might spend 20 million on another flop rather than buy the experience in midfield that they need.

One team that really needs to recruit well is Liverpool. Having received a lot of criticism for how they spent the money they got from Luis Suarez in the summer and having dropped four places in the league table, they urgently need to do something to turn things around to avoid being left behind by the likes of Chelsea and Manchester City. 

Furthermore, the end of the season seems to have left them with more holes in the team than ever before. Steven Gerrard is heading to America, Glen Johnson is out of contract leaving the team with minimal cover at right-back and they still need an efficient goalscorer to lead the line in light of Sturridge's injury problems.

Whether this is down to Brendan Rodgers - recently confirmed to stay on as manager - or the club's transfer committee is a moot point. They need to spend well this summer, and here's who they should be looking at - along with some concerns to keep in mind...


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