Liverpool: 5 Players They Must Sign To Catch Man City

Five players who could help to make up that 1-point difference!


The 2018/19 season was a hugely successful one for Liverpool, but one that was also tinged in a great sense of "what if...?" as the Anfield club missed out on their first league title in 29 years by just a single, solitary point.


But while Liverpool fans again begin to ready their "this is our year" spiel, it's time to take stock of Jurgen Klopp's squad and look at ways to improve it so that those proclamations don't fall flat once again.

To be honest, Klopp has himself quite the impressive starting XI as he looks to mount another challenge for Manchester City's Premier League crown while also defending the Champions League that the Kopites won back in June. That's not to say that Liverpool's squad is perfect or has quite as much quality in it as Pep Guardiola's Citizens, though.

Taking a look at what Liverpool desperately need as they look to go one step better in 2019/2020, then, here are five realistic and viable signings who could head to Anfield and potentially make all the difference between Liverpool finally winning the Premier League or again falling just short.

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