Liverpool: 5 Players They Must Sign To Catch Man City

5. Saul Niguez (Atletico Madrid)

It's kind of harsh to look at replacing your Champions League-winning captain, but unfortunately that's just the nature of the beautiful game at times.

An emotional Jordan Henderson got to lead Liverpool to European glory this past June 1st, yet Hendo's spot in the Liverpool staring XI is one that's so often under threat - the club captain even spending time out of the side completely last season.

If Liverpool were looking for an upgrade to Henderson, Atletico Madrid's Saul Niguez is a great option.

Much like the England international, 24-year-old Saul is constantly busy when he's out on the pitch, chasing down the opposition, putting his foot in, and always looking to make something happen. The difference between Henderson and Saul, though, is that the Spain international has an added level of quality to his game.

In addition to being defensively strong, Niguez is fantastic on the ball and is a better passer and finisher than Hendo - meaning that if Liverpool really are serious about wanting to push Man City again this season, they need to be looking at players such as Saul to help push them forward.

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