Liverpool: Steven Gerrard's 10 Most Defining Moments

It was hard to narrow it down to just 10...

Phil Noble/PA Archive

As the curtain is drawn on Steven Gerrard's time in the Premier League, Liverpool fans are faced with the terrifying prospect of life without their leader. The only thing that can possibly see supporters of the Anfield club through such a daunting period is the promise of major signings coming into the club to replace him. 

And there lies the problem - the man, in every essence of the word, is utterly irreplaceable. 

There doesn't exist, in world football, a player who understands the club quite like he does. A man that can totally control and influence a game like Stevie did in his glory years. 

No one.

Steven Gerrard's career has been inundated with hugely significant moments, which each, in-turn, have contributed to the making of a sporting legend. He has scored, he has sacrificed, he has slipped and suffered too - but all of these elements have influenced a spectacularly intriguing career at Anfield.

From potentially partnering Frank Lampard in Chelsea blue, to winning the Champions League for his boyhood team, Gerrard's time in as a Liverpool player has been exciting, to say the least.

In what has been a disappointing week for Liverpool fans after Gerrard's farewell game ended with a punishing defeat, let's focus on the happier times and count down the Liverpool man's 10 best career moments.


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