Man City: Is It Really A Crisis For Joe Hart?

A lot has been made about Joe Hart's recent performances, and it has left many question marks over the heads of not only Manchester City fans, but those of England to whether Joe Hart is the right man to be between the sticks when it comes up to the World Cup. I would be one of the first to say that Hart has more than a fair share of errors recently, but show me a goalkeeper who hasn't had a bad patch in their career. The ironic thing is that months ago, this was a keeper who was mentioned as one of the best in the world, but now every media outlet is attacking like vultures on how a string of errors means that he is no longer our best option for England, and deserved of a shake up in the City squad. Throughout the article, I will be explaining both sides of the Joe Hart argument, and just overall shed some light on the situation with himself and the club & country he plays for. I hope you enjoy the read, and please share a/o comment. I would love to know your view.


The media have somewhat of a vendetta against the top performers in English Football, and when they are going through a bad spell, or they have been naughty in the most minor of cases, they blow it wildly out of proportion. This is no secret with many famous faces from past & present who have had more than their fair share of views on just how savage the media are in England, and how they are of no benefit when it comes to confidence. Joe has been going on a bad spell of form, we get it, yet the media will go on about this for weeks to come. One example is within the last 2 weeks, and how Joe Hart put in some very good saves against CSKA Moscow in an environment that is fearsome to most players, and showed a lion heart performance that earned him the number 1 jersey for England and Manchester City to begin with. This performance was somewhat ignored by the media because he didn't f*** up, and instead chose to focus on the racist chants made by the fans of CSKA. I believe that if he had made an error of any sort, that would have been all over the papers again and hitting all sports pages as the front cover. Days later, Manchester City played against Chelsea, and once again Joe was under the spotlight. For those who don't know, Manchester City lost 2-1 on the day, the winner coming off the back of a miscommunication between the faultless Matija Nastasic, and the waiting to be guillotined Joe Hart. Those who aren't completely blind would have realised that Joe wasn't alone in the making of that goal with Nastasic firstly letting the ball drop in a dangerous position, and then failing to deal with the ball in any way until it was too late. Nastasic however, isn't English, so we'll just forget about his part in that goal.

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