Man Utd: 10 Reasons Louis Van Gaal Is Doomed To Fail

Clearly, it's a marriage that's going to end in tears.

It€™s been a tough old season for Manchester United fans to bear. I think a lot of fans appreciated that the transition from Sir Alex Ferguson to David Moyes would be a tough one, but the season went about as bad as it could have done. Therefore, Man Utd were really left with little option to make another change so soon after their last one. It€™s certainly been a real change from the stability that Ferguson has given the club for so many years. Louis Van Gaal was finally appointed this week after weeks of speculation, and the Red Devils will be hoping for a long and successful period under his leadership. However, it would be crazy to take for granted his success especially after this season. Many people will feel that employing the Dutchman is a sensible and sound move, but here at What Culture we explore why that may not prove to be the case. In summary, the purpose of this slideshow is to look at the reasons why fans should be cautious about this appointment, and why ultimately it will end in failure. So, with all that said let€™s get started€

10. He May Struggle To Get Back Into The Swing Of Club Football

There is no doubt that there is a world of difference between club and international management. The differences are obvious enough to point out such as less games and time with the players on the international side. It€™s also worth pointing out that certain parts of the normal job are not required such as being involved with player transfers. Van Gaal will have people around him at Old Trafford to take some of the pressure off, but it will still be an incredible culture shock for him €“ especially in the early stages of the season. It will also be interesting to see how he manages all the various things that he will need as a club manager again. It€™s worth noting that Van Gaal hasn€™t been involved in club management since 2011 and that€™s quite a long time out, so that represents a big challenge to him.

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