Newcastle United's Demba Ba Has £7 Million Transfer Release Clause

Additionally, if Ba's release was activated the player himself would pocket half of the transfer fee himself.

"This didn€™t work for anyone except Demba Ba€ and Newcastle. I€™m told he€™s got a £7m get-out at Newcastle and he gets half the money over that. They keep denying it but I think you€™ll see in the summer he will leave Newcastle or he€™ll get a monstrous rise to stay there. "If they get about four million, half will go to him, so if they sell him for £7m they€™ll only net about three because they paid his agent £2m to get him out of here. Getting £3m is not bad, but for a player of his quality it€™s not fantastic.
With 16 Premier League goals to his name this season, Ba's performances would likely have valued him at at least double the £7 million that his clause would activate. Spurs boss Harry Redknapp is likely salivating at the mouth. You can read the interesting quotes from the interview at

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