Premier League 2018-19: Every Third Kit Ranked!

Arsenal's is mint. But only literally.

PL Third Kits 2019
New Balance/Puma/Umbro

There are many supremely pointless things in life. Throw cushions. Priority boarding. Loose Women. As little as all these things contribute to the world, none can match the sheer superfluity of the dreaded 'third' kit.

Even though it's automatic to assume such an odious concept was invented by nefarious Manchester United marketers in the mid-90s, aiming to bleed the pockets of parents totally dry at the height of the Red Devils' popularity, alternative strips - as they're now referred by wily advertisers - have actually existed since the '30s. Yes! Modern football has been terrible since the pre-war days! Bet they had players earning £50 a week back then, and fixtures arbitrarily shifted for local Odeon screenings.

With just a smidgen of thought, it wouldn't be a huge stretch for each of the Premier League's twenty clubs to come up with two designs guaranteed to eliminate clashes throughout the course of the season. The need for a third kit is totally inexplicable - made all the more so by a new trend of alternative attire the same colour as the first strip.

Yes, one club has actually done that. It's almost as if there's an ulterior motive...

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14. Leicester

PL Third Kits 2019

An inoffensively standard white alternative outfit for The Foxes - until you realise it's a £14 training top with a badge and sponsor plonked on the top. Obviously this is nothing new, but seeing it so starkly demonstrated is pretty galling. Poor show.

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Editorial Team

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