Ranking Every Liverpool Transfer Under Jürgen Klopp

Assembling the best team in club football.

Upon arriving at Liverpool, Jurgen Klopp dubbed himself "The Normal One". It should be clear by now he's anything but that. Many traits set the founder of "heavy metal football" apart from the lot of managers. His tactical brio is undisputable. His man-management is unmatched, as he always finds the key to unlock a player's hidden potential. His cool-dad attitude and subtle elegance bespeak that behind the great coach lies a great man.

Liverpool's transfer business under his tenure has been remarkable. The 2016 squad was very decent but still lacking, and almost every area of the pitch had its problem. The answer given by Klopp, Michael Edwards and the oft-neglected Ian Graham has almost always been the right one. They don't panic-buy, they don't binge-sign. Each season, a couple of players are brought in for specific reasons, and they (almost) all more than repay their price. Klopp always has long-term future in mind and to that regard, it's telling that out of the 15 players who joined the team in the four years he's been there, only two, Klavan and Solanke, have already left the club.

Let's take a look into how he built a team that can, since last Saturday, call itself the best in club football.

(PS: Loan signings aren't taken into account, so Steven Caulker doesn't feature)


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