Spurs' 10 Best Set-Piece Experts Of The Premier League Era

These guys could strike a dead ball.

Every football team has its designated players to take certain set-pieces. Some teams have the same person taking corners, free kicks and penalties, other teams have different players for each, sometimes different players share the responsibilities, but there are always individuals who clearly spend more time practising certain set-pieces on the training ground and, as a result, often earn reputations as set-piece experts. In Spurs' case, there really haven't been too many players that they can truly call set-piece experts - certainly not back in the early days of the Premier League - but there have certainly been a few. From players who could whip in the perfect corner or indirect free kick, to those players who could put a dead ball in to the top corner of the opposing goal from thirty yards out, Spurs have boasted a select few professionals with enviable talent in that regard. Since players like David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo took the art of free kick taking to another level, the quality of set-pieces in professional football in general has improved - not least because players try to emulate those players - and, as a result, Spurs' better set-piece takers are certainly from their more recent history and this article is going to identify them in all their glory. Here are Spurs' ten best set-piece takers of the Premier League era...

Honourable Mention: This Guy

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYLy0f_HrMg When Spurs faced West Ham United at the Boleyn Ground on the opening day of the 2014-15 Premier League season, they got a free kick on the edge of the Hammers' box. With Christian Eriksen set to strike the ball towards Adrian in the Hammers' goal, home fan Jordan Dunn, 22, of Dover, ran on to the pitch and had a shot of his own. Adrian saved it easily and Dunn was ejected from the ground. He was later fined £305 for his drunken moment of madness, with the judge dealing with the case saying he "bent it like Beckham" and highlighting that "the professional footballer" who went on to take the actual free kick (Eriksen) didn't do any better. Now on to the actual list...

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