The Most Expensive England XI Of All Time

Could this team be capable of bringing football home? Nope, not a chance.


This summer was meant to be it. 54 years of hurt were meant to come to an end. England were going to win Euro 2020 and bring football home at last.

But thanks to the global health situation, those celebrations are on hold (and the fact that England actually need to win the tournament, but lets not dwell on that).

Everyone knows that the England football team have a very chequered history. They won the World Cup on home soil in 1966 but have failed to reach the final of any major tournament since, despite consistently producing plenty of quality players.

It is often said that English players command higher transfer fees due to their notoriety and the desire for any team competing in the Premier League to field as much homegrown talent as possible.

But what would a team featuring the most expensive Englishmen of all time look like? An XI without one club men like Harry Kane, Steven Gerrard and John Terry. Could this team win next year's Euros?

The answer is probably not. Sorry to disappoint you.


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