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5 Reasons To Be Excited About The Return Of The Newsroom

By Terry Hearn

TV Review: The Newsroom 1.2, "News Night 2.0"

The Newsroom still hasn't hit its stride but we have faith in it becoming something significant. …
By Chris Swanson

TV Review: The Newsroom 1.1, 'We Just Decided To'

This first episode represented Sorkin at his very best and Sorkin at his very worst.
By Hugh Kelly

HUGO Review: Scorsese's Love Letter To Cinema

If you consider yourself an avid fan of movies, Hugo is nothing short of a gratifying experience in what can come from a master who is given all the tools of his craft and told to create something special. …
By Stephen Clifton

CARS 2 Blu-Ray Review: By No Means Perfect, But It's Still Pixar

Pixar's "first failure" revs onto 3D blu-ray today, in a mind-bogglingly good transfer. And it's not as bad as some might have you believe.…
By Simon Gallagher

OUR IDIOT BROTHER Review: Heartfelt And Funny

Like a great shining beacon of hope in the Mean-Spirited Comedy Summer of 2011, Our Idiot Brother boasts a heartfelt message delivered through Paul Rudd’s unfiltered, socially retarded but almost preternaturally good-hearted Ned.…
By Mark Zhuravsky

CARS 2 Review: Pixar's First Sub-Par Effort!

“Out of gas”, “running on fumes” and “in need of an oil change” are just a few of the painfully unfunny puns that nevertheless serve as relevant judgements on Pixar’s latest film – and first real dud – Cars 2. …
By Shaun Munro

Cars 2 Interviews #3: Actress Emily Mortimer

Last month we spoke to actress Emily Mortimer on the grounds of Pixar about her role as super-sleek British spy Holly Shiftwell - one of the heroes of Cars 2.…
By Robert Beames

Martin Scorsese's HUGO Trailer Totally Lacks The Invention of Cabret

I dearly love the work of Martin Scorsese but this film doesn't feel like it carries his usual energy... he is one of my favourite filmmakers of all time but the whole project feels like one a sell-out would make. …
By Matt Holmes

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