Cars 2 Interviews #3: Actress Emily Mortimer

Last month we spoke to actress Emily Mortimer on the grounds of Pixar about her role as super-sleek British spy Holly Shiftwell - one of the heroes of Cars 2.

With roles in such films as Match Point, Redbelt and Shutter Island, Emily Mortimer can certainly lay claim to having worked with some of the most acclaimed living American auteurs. Whilst performances in the Steve Martin Pink Panther movies and hard-edged revenge thriller Harry Brown (not to mention a memorable turn on TV comedy 30 Rock) ensure she is widely recognised by audiences. However, it was her experience working with John Lassester and Pixar, as the voice of the elegant heroine Holly Shiftwell (above) in Cars 2, that was the topic of conversation when I spoke to with her at Pixar Animation Studios last month. Against the backdrop of a giant replica Luxo lamp and bouncy ball, Mortimer discussed how working with the best of live-action compares to working with the best of the animation world, and you can hear what she had to say on the subject by watching the full interview below: Please excuse the poor sound quality on this interview, as the busy schedule on the day dictated we interview the star outside (where we were powerless to prevent the intrusion of helicopters). Be sure to return later this week for the final part of our Pixar interview series, as What Culture meets John Lasseter. If you missed them, take a look at all our earlier coverage - with Denise Ream (producer), Jude Brownbill (animator) and Kevin Rose-Williams (editor). Cameraman: Dennis Routledge-Tizzard Editor: Joe Murphy
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