Super 8


10 Unbelievable Backstories To Iconic Movie Moments

By Alex Leadbeater

Guts Goo & Gore, Why Cheap Film Tricks Will Always Win CGI War

It speaks volumes when in Super 8 the multi-million dollar computer rendered alien is overshadowed by the cast’s use of food colouring, corn syrup and white contact lenses.…
By Neill D. Burton

3 Reasons Why Cinema About Cinema Has Become So Popular

What The Artist, Hugo and Super 8 tell us about the film industry in 2012.
By Daniel Mumby

WIN: SUPER 8 On Blu-ray, We Have 5 Copies To Give Away

From visionary writer/director J.J. Abrams comes breathtaking adventure Super 8 debuts in a Blu-ray™ Triple Play and DVD December 12, 2011 from Paramount Home Entertainment.…
By Matt Holmes

Why Declining Sales Of Blu-ray & DVDs Isn’t Just Bad For The Industry

Could DVD and Blu-ray be under threat from the rise of digital media and illegal downloads?
By Stephen Leigh

Comic Book Reviews: SEVERED # 1 (of 7)

It's fitting that this book is released in the same week as Super 8- a film that prioritised character and heart over spectacle, and did so by revisiting the style of the classic Spielberg blockbusters- as Severed attempts to revitalise the horror genre in a similar fashion.…
By Dean Threadgold

Why Does Steven Spielberg Keep Returning to Aliens?

Just what is it about little green men from mars that is such a draw for the bearded bespectacled director? …
By Oliver Pfeiffer

SUPER 8 Review: 80's Spielberg By The Way Of J.J. Abrams!

While there may be some who dislike it, the films’ sincerity and self confidence and charm mean that they will be in the minority. See it.…
By Ben Mortimer

SUPER 8 Review That's Not A Review

By Mark Clark

First Full-Length SUPER 8 Trailer Has Us Stoked!

By Paul Tamburro