First Full-Length SUPER 8 Trailer Has Us Stoked!

A new trailer has dropped for J.J. Abrams' Steven Spielberg inspired monster movie Super 8, and the Interwebz have been foaming at the mouth all weekend with excitement. We're a little slow in publishing it, but for the few of you haven't seen it yet, this is for your benefit. Despite holding its cards very close to its chest, the two-minute Super 8 teaser has shown enough to make it the talk of the OWF watercooler, and it expertly delivers a middle-finger to the myriad marketeers who believe that showing a films conclusion in its trailer is the key to getting bums-in-seats. The plot appears to be very character-driven and, although the as-yet-unrevealed creature appears to be of a more hostile disposition, it looks to be in the vein of Close Encounters of the Third Kind, with the haunting score and various cuts to the townsfolk gazing upwards at an blinding, ethereal blue light seemingly borrowed straight from Spielberg's sci-fi magnum opus. Set for a US release date of June 10th 2011 with a UK release date penned for August 19th (what did we do to deserve that??), watch the trailer above and prepare to get very, very excited for what otherwise looks to be an underwhelming summer.
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