10 Biggest WTF Moments From Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

The crew could've never prepared for what awaited them on the other side of that wormhole.

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It's time again to look at the most absurd and confusing scenes in Star Trek. We've already looked at WTF moments in general, and from The Next Generation, and Voyager, so now let's put the spotlight on Deep Space Nine.

In true Trek fashion, Deep Space Nine didn't shy away from weirdness in its stories, particularly when it came to anything involving the Ferengi or the mirror universe. At times, the show was a full-blown comedy, which gave some needed respite from the heavier storylines that the series is mostly known for.

In this list, we'll explore these mind-boggling scenes one by one to see what exactly makes them stand out as Deep Space Nine's most confusingly shocking moments.

10. Keevan's Death

Defiant DS9 Thomas Riker Benjamin Sisko Star Trek
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In the episode The Magnificent Ferengi, Quark's mother, Ishka, was held for ransom by the Dominion, so Quark assembled a team of Ferengi to save her (and also to claim a heavy reward of latinum from Ishka's lover, the Grand Nagus).

Originally, the Ferengi planned to take Ishka from the Dominion by force, but holosuite simulations quickly proved that impossible (including one simulation where a Ferengi actually killed Ishka accidentally). Certain of defeat, they chose instead to do a prisoner exchange with the Dominion. Starfleet allowed them to return the Vorta Keevan to the Dominion in exchange for Ishka.

The Ferengi went to Empok Nor to do the prisoner exchange, but when it was revealed that Quark lied about the true value of the prize money, one of the Ferengi shot Keevan while trying to hit Quark. They thought all was lost, until Nog realised that Keevan's dead body could be controlled by a tricorder using neural stimulators aboard the station.

The look on the other Vorta's face was absolutely priceless when he saw Keevan for the first time and mumbled 'what have they done to him?', as his lifeless eyes stared blankly forwards and his corpse stumbled down the hall, walking straight into a wall repeatedly. The Dominion representatives realised then that Keevan wasn't alive, and tried to kill the Ferengi, but they were able to overpower the Jem'Hadar, and captured the other Vorta. They returned home with their new prisoner, and left Keevan's body on Empok Nor, walking into that same wall indefinitely, likely until the Cult of the Pah-wraiths arrived and discovered him.

The casting of Iggy Pop as the Vorta Yelgrun could almost be an entry on its own.

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