10 Biggest WTF Moments From Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

9. Jake Staying Behind

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One of the strangest decisions in the show was when Jake Sisko inexplicably chose to stay behind on Deep Space Nine when the station was captured by the Cardassian-Dominion alliance in the episode Call To Arms.

Jake was willing to put himself in some serious danger in the hopes of becoming a famous reporter. He wagered that the Dominion would not risk angering the Bajorans by harming the son of their Emissary, but what could the Bajorans realistically even do to retaliate?

Jake's goal was to get a first-hand account of the Dominion occupation, but as soon as he tried sending out his articles, Weyoun blocked the transmission and ordered him to censor the anti-Dominion sentiment, because of course he would do that. When Jake complained 'What about freedom of the press?' in A Time To Stand, Weyoun countered, 'Please, tell me you're not that naïve'.

Jake was eventually able to publish his first-hand accounts once Starfleet regained control of the station, but didn't know for sure if they would ever return. Jake could've been stuck living under Dominion rule for the rest of his life all because he wanted to get an insider perspective that he could've easily gotten by interviewing one of the many others that stayed behind on the station.

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