10 Biggest WTF Moments From Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

8. The Oo-mox Of Your Nightmares

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Oo-mox has been unsettling Star Trek audiences since we first learned what it was in the Next Gen episode Ménage à Troi. Oo-mox is a popular Ferengi sex act that involves the stimulation of a Ferengi's ears (apparently one of their most 'erogenous zones').

Oo-mox was brought up surprisingly frequently throughout DS9, and it's always uncomfortable to watch. However, one particular oo-mox scene stands out as the grossest by far.

In the episode The Emperor's New Cloak (an absolutely absurd episode, that we'll revisit later), Grand Nagus Zek was kidnapped by the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance of the mirror universe, who held him for ransom to convince Quark and Rom to steal them a cloaking device. While awaiting their arrival, the Nagus and the imprisoned Intendant Kira kept themselves occupied.

The scene opened with a zoomed in shot of Kira rubbing the elderly Ferengi's wrinkled, hair-filled ears. Right after, the camera cut to Zek's servant, Maihar'du, who was just standing there watching them. When Zek expressed doubt that Quark and Rom would succeed, Kira grabbed at his ear really hard, causing the Nagus to scream in pain. His servant tried to help him, but Kira quickly kicked him between the legs and threatened Zek before going right back to oo-mox and tugging on his ear hairs. Why, Star Trek? Just why?

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