10 Huge Revelations You Missed From Star Trek: Prodigy

If you're not watching Prodigy there's a big part of Star Trek that's passing you by at warp speed.

Protostar Borg Star Trek Prodigy
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Mention Star Trek: Prodigy in any franchise-related conversation and you can guarantee that the words "Nickelodeon", "cartoon" and "for kids" will find themselves included within seconds.

Though the target demographic is younger than the average fan of Discovery, Picard, or Lower Decks, there's a lot more to it than many might imagine.

It's currently the show that some are more likely to pass over as irrelevant, but Prodigy's lineage is already firmly established in its 20-episode first season. It's got more under the hood than just a twin warp core and a proto-drive. Prodigy is just as integral to Star Trek as a vinculum is to a Borg cube. Each week there is a slew of facts, figures, characters, and situations that give this show a big MUST SEE stamp.

Prodigy bears all the hallmarks of the great Star Trek shows, going to the final frontier to combine new adventures with recognisable legacy characters and emotional whallops, powerful enough to drain the dilithium from a warp core. This is a series that is far more than phaser battles, wise-cracks and bumbling animated baddies, offering a whole new insight into the Star Trek universe.

It's crafted with care and attention, honouring and respecting the past, while looking forward to an exciting future that all fans can immerse themselves in.

10. Where Are They Now?

Protostar Borg Star Trek Prodigy

Taking us back to the Delta Quadrant is one thing but Prodigy also brings two key characters back to the franchise; Kathryn Janeway (Admiral and Hologram) and Captain Chakotay.

The audience is first introduced to Hologram Janeway, the Protostar's training program. Over the course of the season, this version of the former captain grows beyond her initial programming, much like her real-life counterpart's former Chief Medical Officer.

Speaking of counterparts, Vice-Admiral Janeway now has her own crew and ship with the purpose of finding the missing USS Protostar and its crew. Prodigy's Admiral Janeway is just as compelling as the character had been on Voyager, demonstrating the drive, focus, and determination that helped bring her ship and crew home.

The now-missing Captain of the USS Protostar, Chakotay is at the core of the show's mystery after taking the prototype vessel through a temporal anomaly, arriving at the planet Solum. Though the natives captured the ship, intending to use it to destroy the Federation, Chakotay's fate remains a mystery by the close of the show's first season.

There is clearly more to come in regards to the missing Chakotay. A reunion between the former Voyager first officer and his captain has to be on the cards.


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