10 "No Body, No Death" Cases In Star Trek

We're really never going to stop looking for Ro Laren in Star Trek, are we?

Ro Laren Star Trek Picard
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No body, no death - I cry as the characters suffer, the tears fall, and the credits roll. Here at TrekCulture, we've gotten rather good at plugging our fingers in our ears and simply refusing to accept certain characters' fates. And of course, today will be no exception.

Unless there is a body - verified and confirmed - lying on the mortician's slab in Star Trek, we will not be counting that character as truly dead. We held on to that belief for thirty years when it comes to Ro Laren, so you don't think we're going to let a little thing like an exploded shuttle change our minds, do you?

Some may see these names and cry obstinance, but we don't really care. We choose to see each and every entry here as a positive example of hope, a dream of a brighter future, and a prayer that Thomas Riker isn't still sitting in a Cardassian labour camp somewhere. 

10. Ro Laren

Ro Laren Star Trek Picard
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Ro has been, for the most part, our poster child when it comes to this article's theme. We were very pleasantly surprised by her return in Imposters, even if that episode set out to absolutely ruin our good moods. As time has gone on, the ending of the episode has taken on a more sombre, bittersweet vibe - rather than the rage-inducing thought of 'are you serious?! We JUST got her back!'

However, and showrunner Terry Matalas has discussed this, there exists a version of The Last Generation wherein Ro would be discovered alive and relatively well, sequestered away in the brig of the Intrepid. Alas, as often happens in television and cinema, budgets, schedules, and more stepped in the way to prevent her glorious return (again).

Saying that it still gives us hope. Though her shuttle exploded in a spectacular display, we did not see her burn. Could she have beamed out at the last moment? According to the man who made the show, yes, yes she could! 

So, we do hope you'll join us again in thirty years when we check in with our elusive Bajoran friend, one who seems to take the 'Adele makes an album' approach to Star Trek appearances. 

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