10 Reasons To Greenlight Star Trek: Legacy NOW

The Star Trek show the fans want but the Star Trek show that hasn't been announced.

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As part of the Worst Moments of 2023, the fact that Star Trek: Legacy (as fans are calling it) has received no traction has become increasingly frustrating.

Suggested by fans as a sequel series to The Next Generation and Picard, the thought is that this would feature the crew of the Titan-A/Enterprise-G boldly going and perhaps dealing with the trial of Humanity.

But as of January 2024 there is still no news. As a note, it is a series that fans want to see after the finale of Picard and the news around it is more about the conjecture of what it could be than solid facts and figures.

That being said, now is the perfect time for this next stage in the story of the Star Trek Universe because there is so, so much set on the board like a galactic TV production three-dimensional chess set.

Previously on Star Trek the demand absolutely made a difference in a Kirk-style, leading to the arrival of Strange New Worlds and in part the saving of Prodigy albeit on Netflix. Yet Paramount remains oddly silent which may be in part to their challenges with their streaming platform and also recent news of discussed merger with Warner Bros. Yet there are a slew of reasons why right here and right now is the time to make Legacy the next Star Trek series.

10. Centre Seat

Star Trek Older Sela

The journey of Seven of Nine from child of inquisitive scientists to captain of the Federation flagship is nothing if not monumental. It also rivals as one of the largest character arcs in Star Trek history, alongside that of DS9's Nog and, perhaps, Worf.

The chance to continue her story while the iron is proverbially hot has to be a huge temptation and with good reason. Seven's own personal legacy has been in progress since Voyager's fourth season premiere, Scorpion, Part II in 1997, and is still in motion some 26 years later. Her reintroduction during Picard' s first season saw the character disillusioned while season two had Seven searching for a purpose before settling into Starfleet aboard the USS Titan-A for season three.

Fast-tracked, the Enterprise-G is her first command and the dynamic on the bridge is certainly one that is well worth exploring. Having your ex as your first officer and the son of one of Starfleet's most revered CO's sitting on your other hand is probably a harder challenge than taking on the whole Borg fleet.

The relationships and lore of the character beg to be pushed that little further. Fans would be eager to see Seven in the centre seat especially where all the parts are pretty much waiting to be taken hold of and utilised.

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