10 Worst Star Trek Moments In 2023

7. Spoily Spoilers

Star Trek Worst Moments
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It was inevitable that the Borg would return and that Jean-Luc's link to the Collective, stretching right back to The Best of Both Worlds, would be further explored nay closed off finally.

But thanks to some rather misplaced closed captioning, fans could work out what was going on in regards to the voices that Jack Crusher was hearing. While it was quickly removed from the episode, the eerie voice behind the door was captioned as "Borg Queen", utterly scuppering any chance of a big reveal.

Given that this happened only a few weeks into the season (No Win Scenario) and long before the cataclysmic finale, this pretty much gave the game away early doors.

Thanks to the speed of the internet, there was next to no chance of keeping this quiet. The caption was later updated to "Whispered Voice" but the damage was done and every forum on the internet picked up on the plot clanger.

In the big scheme of things it wasn't the biggest spoiler that could have been leaked (looking at you Enterprise-D) but as a central part of the Jack Crusher mystery it was still disappointing to have it signposted so early.

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