Star Trek: 10 Secrets About The USS Enterprise-G You Need To Know

A, B, C, D, E, F, G! With the conclusion of Picard a new legacy is born. There's a lot in a name.

Enterprise G Star Trek Picard Legacy
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For the whole duration of Star Trek the name Enterprise has been integral. It was Kirk's ship, Picard's ship, they named a series after it. So popular was the original USS Enterprise that replacing it with the USS Excelsior in The Voyage Home was scrapped in favour of the shiny new NCC-1701-A.

Fans of Star Trek Picard have been treated to no less than five editions of the Enterprise. The A and the NX-01 refit were both docked at the Fleet Museum, while the F was seen during the Frontier Day celebration under the command of Admiral Elizabeth Shelby.

The big jaw-dropper was of course the unveiling of the cleaned-up NCC-1701-D (saucer) which played a crucial role in defeating the Borg during The Last Generation.

But all the while there had been a new USS Enterprise hiding right under viewers' noses. The Enterprise-G was there from the very first episode, though at point it was still the USS Titan NCC-80102-A.

This new ship has sparked the imagination of the next Next Generation and what better way to celebrate its arrival into canon than a run-down of some of the things that are hidden under that saucer section.

10. Word Up G

Enterprise G Star Trek Picard Legacy
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The arrival of an official Enterprise-G has also meant that some lines of the expanded universe are very firmly non-canon.

Firstly the USS Enterprise-F as seen in Star Trek Online never receives its upgrade from Odyssey Class to Yorktown Class since it retired in 2400 following the catastrophic effects on its systems of the Monfette Gambit. As yet the G remains unseen on that platform.

In STO the Titan namesake has continued with the inclusion of the Titan Class destroyer prototype and there is a suggestion that the name would be taken up by another ship to become the Titan-B.

Star Trek: Fleet Command has also referenced the Constitution III-Class with the Titan-A crossing into the Kelvin Timeline as part of its ongoing story in mobile gaming.

Now defunct fan series Frontiers (not to be confused with the Wizkids game of the same name) placed the Enterprise-G as part of the Excalibur-Class which was designed by Stephen Davis although the prose series would focus more heavily on the sequential Enterprise-H. Sadly most of the information on this series has now been lost but you can take a look at the Excalibur-Class online.

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