10 2000s Superhero Cartoons Fans Shouldn't Ignore

Batman: The Animated Series might be a definitive DC cartoon, but don't sleep on The Batman either.

The Batman 2004 Series
Warner Bros.

We are currently living in a golden age of superheroes, with Marvel bringing out something every week on Disney+ with WandaVision, DC having projects in the pipeline such as The Suicide Squad and Dark Horse dominating the Netlfix algorithm with Umbrella Academy, it’s hard to get away from costumed crimefighters.

As much as all of these great projects mean that more and more people become interested in superheroes, it can be daunting to then pick up a comic book when there’s decades worth of history that comes with these amazing characters. But stress not - if you find getting into comics a daunting task, then the large array of cartoons that have been released over the years are there to meet you halfway.

These animated shows act as a sort of gateway for people to delve further into the comic book world as some of the most dedicated comic book readers were introduced to the Marvel and DC universes via cartoons.

These shows are able to tell interesting stories, translating the pages of comic books into moving pictures. Fans born in the 1990s look back fondly on shows like X-Men: The Animated Series, Batman: The Animated Series and Spider-Man.

However, the comic community tends to overlook the renaissance of superhero cartoons in the early 2000s. If you’re hungry for more superhero content and don’t know what to watch, these shows could be just what you’re looking for.

10. Wolverine And The X-Men

The Batman 2004 Series
Marvel Entertainment

Wolverine and the X-Men doesn’t have the same reputation as the 1990s cartoon but it's just as good. Revolving around the Days of Future Past storyline, the cartoon is unique because instead of Charles Xavier being the mentor to young mutants, Logan is seen as a tough loving teacher with a more tender side that leaks out from time to time.

This cartoon is also perfect for casual fans of the movies that want more from other team members. He might be the headlining name but Wolverine isn’t always the centre of attention; there are episodes that are used to highlight his rag-tag team of X-Men, showcasing their abilities and how vital they are to the team. If you want to see more of Storm, Nightcrawler, Emma Frost or any of the others, you can easily get your fill when watching the show.

The X-Men aren’t the only mutants that are focused on in this series either. Loyal X-Men fans will spot characters like Psylocke, Boom Boom and Dust just to name a few, widening the world of mutants to an audience that has never picked up an X-Men comic.


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