10 Accidentally Racist Family TV Moments You Won't Believe

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Race can be so awkward. No one in their right mind wants to say something offensively race related. However sometimes a comedy of errors can lead to racism sneaking up and bitch slapping people right in the face. Unfortunately for those included in this list, their accidental racist moments were caught on tape, during family television broadcasts. The accidental racist can excuse themselves with ambiguity of intent or just being incredibly dense. Either way they are hilarious. Here we honor ten of the best race related screw ups that have etched their ways into toe curling notoriety. The internet just wouldn't be the same without these guys. We would like to thank everyone included for not thinking ahead. You've brought great joy to millions and offended pretty much everyone at the same time. That takes some doing. Touche and may we never forget your poorly informed gifts to the world...
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