10 Actors Who Are Actually Much Better Than The TV Shows They're In

Two And A Half Men Season 9 For an actor, starring in pretty much any of today's TV sitcoms and easy-watching comedy shows doesn't leave much scope to test the limits of your acting ability - only those lucky enough to feature in an HBO series or something like Breaking Bad get to do this. But that doesn't for a second mean that the actors in those shows are as mediocre as the shows themselves - hey, everyone's gotta earn a living. Often enough you'll be watching a new movie release and be like: "Hey, I know that guy! It's what's-his-face from that show. He's pretty good!" The thing is, this happens more than you think. Popular shows like Scrubs or 2 Broke Girls or whatever are all secretly harbouring acting talent under those catchphrases and one-liners - do us a favour and let them go so they can do something good with their careers. Click "Next" to see which actors are slumming it in the TV primetime slots...

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