10 Actors Who Demanded To Be Killed Off Popular TV Shows

9. Paul Wesley - The Vampire Diaries

People pretended that they watched The Vampire Diaries for the gripping plot or the compelling characters, but they actually just stuck around for those sexy Salvatore brothers.

They can bite our necks any day.

Damon, played by Ian Somerhalder, and Stefan, played by Paul Wesley, became cultural icons across the show's 171 episodes. In the show's big finale, Damon got to live out the rest of his life happily with Elena. As for Stefan, well...

The younger brother elects to sacrifice himself to save the town of Mystic Falls, reuniting with his loved ones in the afterlife. It was a shocking moment for fans of the show and it gets even more so once you know that Wesley himself suggested this fate.

The actor wanted Stefan to suffer for his actions in life and thought that death was the one consequence he deserved. He even told Seventeen, "I was very happy he died."

Stefan's demise makes a lot of sense in storyline, as well as giving the noble character a worthy end. Plus, it happened in the series finale, so it's not like Wesley missed out on any paycheques.

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