10 Actors Who Guest Starred On Seinfeld Before They Were Famous

Did you spot the Seinfeld characters who became stars?

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Although it was just a "show about nothing" Seinfeld became a huge success and was one of the most popular shows of its time. It is also one of the few series that is still watched a couple of decades after it first aired and it gave us phrases that are still used today, like 'double-dipper' and 'sideler'.

In addition to providing us with hours of entertainment and new vocabulary, it also introduced us to many actors before they went on to become stars in their own right. Thanks to Jerry's inability to stick to one woman, we got to see a him with a lot of different girlfriends. Many of these were played by actors who went on to star in huge hits later.

Here's 10 of them, including ones who didn't date Jerry in the show, that went on to become super famous.


10. Bryan Cranston


Bryan Cranston appeared in five episodes of Seinfeld as Jerry's dentist, Tim Whatley. He manages to get up to a lot of shenanigans in this time, as he surprises Jerry by keeping Penthouse magazines in his waiting room, has a failed affair with Elaine, converts to Judaism just so he can make jokes about it, is their first re-gifter, and starts a Christmas present scam.

Cranston moved on to become the lovable, yet slightly unhinged, father on Malcom in the Middle. Though he's most famous for his later role as Walter White in Breaking Bad.


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