10 Actors Who Have Been On Both Star Trek And Stargate

So how do you prefer to travel, Warp Speed or through an Astria Porta?

Marina Sirtis

In the many years that the dozen or so iterations of Star Trek have been on our screens, hundreds upon hundreds of actors have been and gone through those production sound stages and donned the iconic uniforms. Similarly, in the fourteen years that concurrent Stargate series were on television, a few hundred more actors were running around in the woods with P90's, being chased by aliens with strangely deep voices and glowing eyes.

Given the incestuous nature of the television industry, is there any possibility that some of these actors were the same ones? Of course there is. Sometimes a show will make a big deal out of guest-casting a starring member of another franchise (as Babylon 5 did when they landed Majel Barrett for an episode), while on other occasions an actor will be a guest star on a number of shows before finally landing a permanent role on another franchise.

From Klingons to Goa'uld, the galaxies have it all to offer a hard-working actor. So here are ten actors who were in both our beloved Star Trek and Stargate franchises.

10. Colm Meany

Marina Sirtis
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Starting off as 'bridge officer' on Star Trek The Next Generation, charismatic Irish actor Colm Meany soon found himself in the recurring role of transporter chief Miles O'Brien, who then became Chief Petty Officer on Deep Space Nine. While his career was stellar over on Star Trek, Colm Meany also landed himself the side-gig of playing Chief Cowen (interesting rank, there) over on the spin-off to Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis.

Early in Atlantis' run, the expedition ran afoul of a human race called the Genii, who presented themselves as simple farmers at first. It was soon revealed that they had a series of large underground cities and were experimenting with nuclear technology as a method of striking at the Wraith while they slept. Unfortunately, the arrival of the Atlantis personnel threw all that plan out the window and the two factions were at odds.

While the loveable Chief O'Brien was always a reassuring sight on the Enterprise or on Deep Space Nine, the few times that we got to see Chief Cowen showed just how ruthless a character Colm Meany is prepared to play.


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