10 Actors Who Just Quit TV Shows

These actors just bailed from these hit shows.

Yellowstone Kevin Costner

For most actors, a recurring role on a hit TV show is basically the dream - a steady gig that (probably) pays well while significantly raising their own profile as a performer.

But nothing lasts forever, and sooner or later, actors may - for one reason or another - decide to walk away from a lucrative TV show.

This could be because they want to pursue other artistic projects, have simply grown bored of the role, or perhaps even have aspirations outside of the acting realm altogether. Then again, maybe it's just because of those ever-tricky scheduling conflicts.

Whatever the reason, these 10 actors all recently decided to end their tenure on some of the most popular shows on TV today.

On one hand they effectively gave up a reliable payday, but given how thoroughly popular and in-demand the majority of the actors on this list are, it goes without saying that they're going to land on their feet one way or another.

All the same, they're all set to make inconspicuous departures from these shows - assuming, of course, that they haven't already...

10. Neve Campbell - The Lincoln Lawyer

Yellowstone Kevin Costner

Netflix's The Lincoln Lawyer - an adaptation of Michael Connelly's series of Mickey Haller legal drama novels - counted among its main cast Neve Campbell, who portrayed Haller's (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo) ex-wife Maggie McPherson throughout every episode of the first season.

Campbell's role was considerably scaled back for season two, though, appearing in just four episodes, after which Maggie abruptly left for a job in San Diego.

Campbell reportedly had to have her second season arc curtailed due to scheduling conflicts, as filming overlapped with shooting of Avalon, a mystery-drama series based on a short story also penned by Connelly.

However, once Avalon's pilot episode was shot, ABC decided not to bring it to series, and while you might assume that this would open the door for Campbell to return to The Lincoln Lawyer in its upcoming third season, that's not quite right.

Because season three will leap forward to adapt a book which Maggie doesn't appear in - Connelly's fifth book in the Haller series, The Gods of Guilt - there simply isn't a role for Campbell.

While it's possible that Campbell will return for future seasons, for now her time on The Lincoln Lawyer is over, and with Campbell possibly returning for both Twisted Metal season two and potentially even the seventh Scream film, it's entirely possible she stays gone for good.


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