10 Actors You Didn’t Know Played The Same Character In More Than One TV Show

9. David Tennant - The Tenth Doctor (Doctor Who & Family Guy)

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For an entire generation of Whovians, David Tennant is the Doctor. First taking on the time-travelling role in 2005, Tennant portrayed the Doctor for five years before his heart-breaking regeneration.

Christopher Eccleston may have laid the foundations for the Doctor Who revival, but Tennant was the one to build on them. He left an incredible legacy for the character, and the role helped him to propel his career into the stratosphere.

And that's exactly why it was bizarre to see him reprise the character for a cheap fart gag on Family Guy.

In one of the Seth McFarlane vehicle's famous cutaway gags, the Griffins are watching TV when the announcer reveals the show they are tuned in to is called "Doctor Who... Farted?"

We then cut to the show, where a version of Rose Tyler begs the Doctor to open the TARDIS so they can escape an alien attack. The Doctor, voiced by Tennant, says that they should wait a few minutes before wafting the police box's doors back and forth.

Hearing David Tennant's actual voice come out of the animated Doctor's mouth is super weird, to say the least. As for the content, well, let's just say nobody had this down on their "Tenth Doctor Return" bingo card.

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