10 Actors You Didn’t Realise Were In The Sopranos

Lady gaga 1 The Sopranos will forever be instilled in the fabric of culture. Its success and game-changing format was intrinsic to the success of HBO and revitalised televisual drama forever. Without The Sopranos HBO would not have experienced the success it enjoys today and we would not have shows like Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire and True Blood. This successful model was adopted by other networks like AMC, FX and Showtime who have given us Dexter, Mad Men, and Breaking Bad. The Sopranos was the game changer and revolutionalised television forever. Televisual drama is now considered a valued art form akin to film thanks to the success of The Sopranos. The series€™ rich and compelling storylines captivated audiences for 8 years and won a host of Emmys over its six seasons. Tony Soprano is still one of the most fascinating characters in television history but he was helped by a phenomenal supporting cast and smorgasbord of scintillating guest stars. David Chase, the show€™s creator and executive producer recruited a multitude of familiar gangster actors over the series, including David Proval (from Mean Streets), Robert Loggia (from Scarface), Burt Young (from Rocky and Once Upon a Time in America), Frank Vincent (Goodfellas, Casino) and Steve Buscemi (Reservoir Dogs), to name but a few. In this article we€™ll look at host of character actors and famous faces who guest starred on the show €“ some from before they became household names.

10. Will Arnett

Will ArnettEpisodes: €˜For All Debts Public and Private€™ & €˜No Show€™, Season 4 That€™s right €“ G.O.B. Bluth guest-starred on The Sopranos. During Season 4, Arnett appeared in two episodes as FBI agent Mike Waldrup. He was the husband of Deborah €“ the FBI agent who befriends Adrianna as an undercover informant. This of course is the beginning of an arc that has devastating consequences for several characters. Arnett€™s character has very little screen time and would be completely forgettable was it not for his future success. Arnett was in the early phase of his career where he had one off appearances on many television dramas including Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Sex & the City - despite being celebrated as a comedic actor. However, he would become a household name the next year with the arrival of Arrested Development in 2003. The cult classic gave us one of television€™s most enduring doofuses €“ aspiring magician George Oscar €˜G.O.B.€™ Bluth. Imagine the comedic possibilities of a G.O.B. interaction with Christopher or Paulie Walnuts. Something tells me the Mafiosi wouldn€™t have much time for one of the world€™s worst magicians. Arrested Development was cancelled in 2006 by FOX in a hail of controversy as the show was a cult classic and one of the most critically acclaimed sitcoms of all time. FOX was not enamoured with this cult following and cancelled the show due to poor ratings. Arrested Development will miraculously and rapturously return on May 26 on Netflix. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lezadysaw0M
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