10 Actors You Didn’t Realise Were In The Sopranos

8. Tobin Bell

TobinBellEpisode: Season Three: €˜Army of One€™ €˜Hello Mr. Soprano, I€™d like to play a game€™. The infamous €˜Jigsaw Killer€™ featured in the same episode as Williams during season three. Tobin Bell, the man behind cinema€™s most successful serial killers of recent years shared a scene with Tony and Carmella Soprano. He plays Major Zwingli, the dean of a military school that the Sopranos are contemplating sending the troubled AJ to when he gets expelled from high school. In fact the incident in question that spells this trouble for AJ features another famous face (seen at the end of this list). Bell had previously featured in small television roles in the likes of 24, Stargate SG-1 and The West Wing. Bell found his career defining role when James Wan cast him as the deviously demented Jigsaw Killer in Saw and its six sequels. To date, the Saw franchise has grossed over $800 million at box offices worldwide and Bell has been the franchise€™s star. The genre revitalised by Saw in the earlier 00€™s was lampooned in The Sopranos when Christopher decides to cash in on the torture porn craze with his violent fantasy Cleaver. Although he doesn€™t snare Tony and Carmella in a vicious death trap €“ Bell retains his intimidating presence and his raspy husky voice that made the Jigsaw Killer so endearing to horror fans.
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